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主題餐廳, 餐飲空間

Kimmel Eshkolo | 特拉維夫L28餐廳

由以色列Kimmel Eshkolo建筑事務所設計的特拉維夫餐廳內部懸掛著木條和垂直植被。餐廳命名為L28,以其位于城市熱鬧的Lilienblum街的位置命名,寬敞的內部由木板劃分,以明確其各種功能。木材板條橫跨天花板,在那里它們還可用于形成懸掛拱門和分隔墻,在雙層空間中連接不同的座位區域。

Suspended timber screens and vertical vegetation feature in this Tel Aviv restaurant interior by Israeli architecture office Kimmel Eshkolot Architects.Named L28 after its location on the city’s lively Lilienblum Street, the restaurant’s spacious interior is divided up by timber panels to clearly define its various functions.Timber slats of wood span the ceiling, where they are also used to create hanging arches and partition walls that communicate the various different seating areas within the double-height space.


餐飲空間,特拉維夫,國外餐飲空間設計,Kimmel Eshkolo建筑事務所,餐飲設計

餐飲空間,特拉維夫,國外餐飲空間設計,Kimmel Eshkolo建筑事務所,餐飲設計



A series of seating areas that are used for meetings are arranged across raised platforms that line the restaurant’s street-facing facade. Here, above the seating, a curtain made of timber slats can be lowered and raised, fitting neatly around the platforms to create extra privacy.Another series of slats arch over the bar and kitchen area, and another forms a bannister for the stairs.The density and positioning of the slats on each panel creates undulating patterns while also controlling the light and views.The restaurant’s main seating area is visible from all angles and gathers around the open kitchen and bar. A private dining area for events is located on a mezzanine level above the kitchen.

Kimmel Eshkolot建筑事務所希望在空間中使用自然溫暖的材料,比如板條木板和皮革內飾。這些溫暖和有機的元素與光滑的樹脂地板、黑色鋼欄桿和鑲板形成對比。建筑師還在餐廳后面設計了一面綠色的墻,同時在吧臺和廚房前面放置了一排種植著香草和香料植物的架子,這些植物被用來制作飲料。在建筑物的屋頂上設立了一個城市農場,為餐廳的農場到餐桌設施提供服務。

Kimmel Eshkolot Architects wanted to use natural and warm materials, such as the slatted wood panels and leather upholstery, within the space. These warmer and more organic elements are contrasted with the smooth resin floor, and the black steel bannister and panelling.The architects also incorporated a green wall at the back of the restaurant, while a stack of shelves planted with herbs and spice plants is placed in front of the bar and kitchen where the produce is used to make drinks.An urban farm was developed on the roof of the building that serves the restaurant’s farm-to-table setup.


餐飲空間,特拉維夫,國外餐飲空間設計,Kimmel Eshkolo建筑事務所,餐飲設計

餐飲空間,特拉維夫,國外餐飲空間設計,Kimmel Eshkolo建筑事務所,餐飲設計

餐飲空間,特拉維夫,國外餐飲空間設計,Kimmel Eshkolo建筑事務所,餐飲設計

設計公司:Kimmel Eshkolot Architects
設計團隊:Etan Kimmel, Limor Amrani, More Gelfand, Yoav Ronat, Corvin Matei
攝影:Amit Geron


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