Discus Club (Singapore) 15th National Discus Competition- Judges list

Posted by Jesmond Chen on Tuesday Nov 24, 2015 Under The News

Discus Club (Singapore) 15th National Discus Competition

Presenting the judges list (no order of precedence):

• Mr Roy Khoo
• Mr Alan Lee
• Mr Ivan Seah
• Mr Colin Heng
• Mr Andrew Soh

Chief Judge

• Mr Richard Woon

DCS is honoured to have the judges acceptance of the invite to judge the event. May we have a good competition!

Best Regard,
Jesmond Chen

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DCS 15th National Discus Competition

Posted by Jesmond Chen on Monday Nov 23, 2015 Under The News

Presenting the Official banner for DCS 15th National Competition.

 photo received_10153124206356712.jpeg

Trophies are ready! A big thank you to Qian Hu for the kind sponsorship!

 photo 2015-11-21_21.41.10.jpg

Closing for entries is on 30th November 2015. Have you submitted your entries?

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DCS 15th National Discus Competition – Entry Forms

Posted by Jesmond Chen on Friday Oct 30, 2015 Under The News

Entry Forms here:

Entry Forms

See you at the competitions!

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DCS 15th National Discus Competition

Posted by Jesmond Chen on Tuesday Oct 13, 2015 Under The News

Discus Club (Singapore) will be organizing our 15th National Discus Competition for the period from 9th to 13th December 2015

Venue and main event sponsor: Qian Hu Fish Farm

Competition Details as follows:

Bench-in : 9th December 2015 (from 4 pm to 7 pm)

Judging : 10th December 2015 (from 10am to 4 pm)

Open to Public : 11th to 13th December 2015

Prize presentation ceremony : 13th December 2015 at 2:30pm

Bench-out : 13th December 2015 (from 4pm to 6 pm)

Application Fee (per entry) : S$50 (DCS member)
S$70 (Public)

Application closing date 30th November 2015.

A total of 11 classes of Discus fish will be competing in this competition as follows:

Class 1 : Solid Blue/Green

Class 2 : Solid Red/Brown

Class 3 : Red Spotted Snakeskin

Class 4 : Red Spotted

Class 5 : Turquoise Pattern/Stripes

Class 6 : Pigeon Pattern/Stripes

Class 7 : Albino Solid/Pattern

Class 8 : Unclassified Solid Colour

Class 9 : Unclassified Pattern/Stripes/Spotted

Class 10 : Wild Caught Blue/Green/Brown

Class 11: Wild Caught Heckel

More Information and details will be made available shortly.

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Grand Champion of DCS 4th International Discus Competition

Posted by Jesmond Chen on Thursday May 28, 2015 Under The News

Congratulations to Tony Tan – IP DISCUS!

 photo IMG-20150528-WA0000.jpg

 photo IMG-20150528-WA0002.jpg

Photos Contributed by Victor Lim

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Results as follows. Congratulations to all winners!

 photo IMG-20150528-WA0012.jpg

 photo IMG-20150528-WA0013.jpg

Photos contributed by Victor Lim

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DCS @ Aquarama 2015

Posted by Jesmond Chen on Tuesday May 26, 2015 Under The News

Discus Club (Singapore) will have a booth for the Aquarama 2015 event

Do visit our booth for information the discus hobby.

For this time round, we will be also setting up some tanks to display some of our members fishes.

The photos attached are some specimens that you would expect @ our booth from our DCS member Felix Low.

For membership sign ups and renewals inquiries can be done at the booth as well.

Do make a trip down and talk to us! See you at Aquarama 2015!

28 – 31 MAY 2015 • SUNTEC, SINGAPORE. See you there.

 photo IMG-20150523-WA0025.jpg

 photo IMG-20150523-WA0024.jpg

 photo IMG-20150523-WA0020.jpg

 photo IMG-20150523-WA0019.jpg

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Aquarama 2015 Discus competition

Posted by Jesmond Chen on Thursday Apr 30, 2015 Under Events

 photo AQ2015.jpg

BENCHING IN – 26 May 2015 4-6 PM
JUDGING – 27 May 2015
BENCHING OUT – 31 MAY 2015 7-9PM




Class 1 Solid Blue/Green (eg. Blue Diamond, Ocean Green)
Class 2 Solid Red/Brown (eg. Rose Red, San Merah, Marboro, Melon)
Class 3 Red Spotted Snakeskin (eg. Leopard Snakeskin, Spotted Snake)
Class 4 Red Spotted (eg. Leopard, Red Spotted Green, Ring Leopard)
Class 5 Turquoise Pattern/Stripes (eg. Red Turquoise, Checkerboard, Tiger Stripes)
Class 6 Pigeon Pattern/Stripes (eg. Pigeon Turqoise, Pigeon Snake, Pearl Pigeon)
Class 7 Albino Solid (eg. Golden Albino, Albino Blue Diamond, Albino Melon, Albino Snow White)
Class 8 Albino Pattern/Stripes (eg. Albino LSS, Albino Snakeskin, Albino Turqoise S)
Class 9 Unclassified Solid Colour (eg. Red White, Snow White, Cobalt, Blue Snake, White Butterfly Albino Blue Diamond, Albino Melon, Albino RGD, Golden Albino)
Class 10 Unclassified Pattern/Stripes/Spotted (eg. Snakeskin , White Leopard Snakeskin, Golden Leopard Snakeskin)
Class 11 Commercial Class (Up to 10cm including tail)

* Information taken from – http://aquarama.com.sg/international-fish-competition- for any inquiries please approach the organizers.

For details please go to : http://aquarama.com.sg/international-fish-competition

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DCS 14th National Competition – Winners

Posted by Jesmond Chen on Tuesday Dec 9, 2014 Under The News

Presenting the winners for DCS 14th National Competition.

Photos by DCS official photographer Mr Raymond Lee.

Please do enjoy!

Class 1 First
 photo Class1-1.jpg
Class 1 Second
 photo class1-2.jpg
Class 1 Third
 photo class1-3.jpg
Class 1 Fourth
 photo class1-4.jpg
Class 1 Fifth
 photo class1-5.jpg

Class 2 First
 photo class2-1.jpg

Class 2 Second
 photo class2-2.jpg
Class 2 Third
 photo class2-3.jpg
Class 2 Fourth
 photo class2-4.jpg
Class 2 Fifth
 photo class2-5.jpg

Class 3 First
 photo class3-1.jpg
Class 3 Second
 photo class3-2.jpg
Class 3 Third
 photo class3-3.jpg
Class 3 Fourth
 photo class3-4.jpg
Class 3 Fifth
 photo class3-5.jpg

Class 4 First
 photo class4-1.jpg

Class 4 Second
 photo class4-2.jpg

Class 4 Third
 photo class4-3.jpg
Class 4 Fourth
 photo class4-4.jpg
Class 4 Fifth
 photo class4-5.jpg

Class 5 First
 photo class5-1.jpg
Class 5 Second
 photo class5-2.jpg
Class 5 Third
 photo class5-3.jpg
Class 5 Fourth
 photo class5-4.jpg
Class 5 Fifth
 photo class5-5.jpg

Class 6 First
 photo class6-1.jpg
Class 6 Second
 photo class6-2.jpg
Class 6 Third
 photo class6-3.jpg
Class 6 Fourth
 photo class6-4.jpg

Class 6 Fifth
 photo class6-5.jpg

Class 7 First
 photo class7-1.jpg

Class 7 Second
 photo class7-2.jpg
Class 7 Third

 photo class7-3.jpg

Class 7 Fourth
 photo class7-4.jpg

Class 7 Fifth
 photo class7-5.jpg

Class 8 First – Grand Champion
 photo class8-1.jpg
Class 8 Second
 photo class8-2.jpg

Class 8 Third
 photo class8-3.jpg

Class 8 Fourth
 photo class8-4.jpg

Class 8 Fifth
 photo class8-5.jpg

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DCS Members Night Dec 2014

Posted by Jesmond Chen on Tuesday Dec 9, 2014 Under The News

In conjunction with DCS 14th National Discus Competition. DCS held a Members night BBQ session at GML Aquatics on the 6th December 2014.

Around 20 Members attended this event.

Great evening spent with food, drinks and like minded Discus hobbyist.

 photo 1.jpg
 photo 12.jpg
 photo 16.jpg
 photo 3.jpg
 photo 10.jpg
 photo 9.jpg
 photo 2.jpg
 photo 5.jpg
 photo 6.jpg
 photo 7.jpg
 photo 8.jpg
 photo 15.jpg
 photo 17.jpg
 photo 13.jpg
 photo 18.jpg
 photo 14.jpg

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